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Turbo 3 Rotor

Twin Turbo 348 Challenge

Kia Swapped Delorean

Busa Powered KP61 Starlet

Kansai Flick Master

What Influential People Say About Us

Collete Davis

"Beyond stoked to be rocking the first @omd_sd RX7 FC angle kit!! I can't wait to fully SEND IT with this dream set up for the 3 rotor!"

Matt Powers

"Put together an absolutely flawless build in record time and for designing all the parts and coverting this machine to RWD using a Stinger GT Twin turbo engine, sequential transmission, and quick change rear end. Amazing team, project, and car"

Aaron Parker

"It's one thing to use nice components. It's a whole other ball game to incorporate them into a functional design. Collaborating high quality hardware into functional race car design"